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Spinning Wheels

This gallery is hoping to grow.  If you have a wheel not included here, please email me a picture with permission to post it on this page.  If you need the picture scanned, email me and I will scan and return the picture. 
Thanks, Gwen

Wheels that I own or did at one time:

Teak Norwegian Style wheel

Teak Norwegian style wheel
by Harry Philp
Double drive or scotch brake
Each bobbin holds approximately 1/2 pound

Harry made Norwegian style wheels of all sizes and out of many different woods.

Given to Judith McKenzie to sell for funding her classes, Summer 2015.

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Swiss Production Wheel in Walnut with Cocobolo highlights. Originally designed by Ernest Mason, his daughter Phyllis Mason made this wheel for me after Ernest passed away.

Double drive or bobbin driven.  Treadle for two feet.

wpeC1.jpg (11208 bytes)

This wheel is for sale. Click here for pictures.

Shaker chair style wheel by Phyllis Mason.  With interchangeable whorls this wheel has ratios of 1:4 to 1:16.  Designed for two feet it is very easy to treadle.  I always take this wheel with me when I go to Kindergarten classes.   The little feet can treadle this wheel.  This wheel is unstained oak but Phyllis and her father Ernest Mason made this wheel in oak, walnut or cherry.

Van Eaton Fly N Tote This Van Eaton Fly N Tote was made of fiddleback maple wood. It's craftsmanship was wonderful but it did not fly as readily as I had hoped. It was heavy and stable though.
Ashford ScholarAshford Scholar
Pictures by Marie Finnegan
Front and side view of the Ashford Scholar (1984-85 model)
Portable wheel with a Scotch brake and nylon drive band. The treadle does not flip up but the wheel is very light and portable. Too bad they don't make this one anymore. It was a great little wheel for taveling and camping.
wpeC0.jpg (8862 bytes)
Pirtle Wheel made of Walnut.  This wheel has two flyers, hugh and even bigger.  With very slow ratios and 1 1/2 inch orifice, this wheel is idea for rug yarns and novelty.  It is bobbin driven.
Wheels that are Owned by Others
Country Spinner of unknown origin.  If you know the history of this wheel contact Sheryl Country Spinner of unkown origin Picture by Sheryl
Saxony style wheel made for Wendy Stupnikoff by her brother out of red cedar and yew wood. Note the beautiful accessories to match:  chair, lazy kate, skeiner.

Saxony our of yew and red cedar

Last updated 8//3/2017  


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