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How to deal with moths and other fiber pests.
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The cross country spindle experiment.
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How to spin flax and gold leaf into jewelry.
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Classes & Workshops

Spinning, Dyeing, Crochet, Weaving

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Classes & Workshops


  • Navajo Novelty Three "ply" and beyond
  • Fiber prep*
  • Cotton
  • Linen/Flax
  • Angora (rabbit)
  • Mohair
  • Wools
  • Alpaca/Llama and other camelids
  • Chingora (dog hair)
  • Rope and cables
  • Feathers, fluff and inclusions
  • Spinning with Beads
*Fiber Preparation
  • Hand Carding
  • Drum carding
  • Hackles and combs of all types
  • Blending and Garneting Boards

Our Location Every Thursday evening by appointment. All levels of adults.

Our Location Children's classes by appointment.

Our Location Workshops

  • Spin to Crochet (beginning crochet and beginning to intermediate spinning)
  • The Ultimate Warm Hat
  • Fingerless Mits
  • Pattern making



  • Painting on silk
  • Natural Dyes from extracts
  • Natural Dyes from gathering
  • Natural Dyes from non extract sources
  • Acid Dyes
  • Painting on Fabric
  • Ink Paints (crayons) and other techniques
  • Shibori and other tie dyes.
  • Children's silk scarf decorating.

Our Location Inkle

Our Location Rigid Heddle

Our Location Cut Pile

Our Location Frame, Tapestry or Navajo Style

Our Location Children's class


Our Location The Bees and the Birds - Needle felting critters

Our Location Needle felting and dyeing on silk - Create your own unique scarf or fabric.

Our Location Nuno felting on silk.


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