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Wool Baby Dress in sock wool

Designed by Gwen Powell

(Spring 2011)

Baby Dress in Tofotsies (Winter 2011)

Annie's Attic pattern

Wool Hats with Air Force Academy Buttons for 4 nephews

Design by Gwen Powell

(Winter 2010)

This dress, hat and booties were all done in sock yarn (Cascades 220) was designed for my great niece Ava. I used unusual color combinations but they worked for a more modern look. Ava's Dress

Baby Camouflage
Design by Gwen Powell

(Summer 2010)

Baby Camouflage

Lady Bug Dress
Adaptation by Gwen Powell from outfit seen on Ravelry. (Did not use their pattern, only colors)

Lady Bug Dress

Yak and Sik Hat and Scarf
Handspun to lightweight novelty yarn.
Design by Gwen Powell

Sweater Coat titled "SOAR Fall Leaves". Machine knit with crocheted rib. Polworth four-ply with handspun angora, yak down, silk and wool highlights.
Design by Gwen Powell
Falling Leaves

The yarn is a single spun from Louet wool top, spun by Cathy Paulson's Los Angles Unified's 4th grade class of students, designed and knitted by Gwen Powell.

I give a one hour enrichment program for elementary school students. I follow the story "A New Coat for Anna"

A New Coat for AnnaThe students learn to card wool, feel the greasy unprocessed fleece, spin with their fingers. We talk about dyeing and if time allows use kool-aid for dyeing a small amount of wool. At the end of the program every student sits at one of my wheels and spins a few yards of the roving that has been predrafted. I take the yarn home and make something out of it before returning the finished project to the classroom. Mrs. Paulson now wears this soft scarf. (2009)

In 2011 the class spun enough of the same wool for a hat for Mrs. Paulson. Next year we might do mittens!

4th Grade Scarf

This pug was crocheted from a pattern that my hairdresser purchased. She did not know how to crochet so I made it for her. I also than adapted the pattern to make a French Bull Dog.

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