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Sample #39
Design Factor:  Core Yarn


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Sample #39
Fiber:  Silk/Angora/Elastic
Weight of Skein:  59 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Bombyx Mori, Plucked French, Nylon Wrapped Rubber
Length: 54 Yards (relaxed)

Spinning Equipment Used: Double Drive Flyer Wheel, Ratio 12:1|
Direction of Twist:  S
# of Plies: 2--This yarn is unruly as a single.  I felt multiplies appropriate in this portion of the requirements after viewing past COE recipients' work and finding they used multiplies.
Finishing:  The yarn was washed and dried in a relaxed skein.
Technique:  The silk was fanned and stored in the palm of my left hand.  The wheel was adjusted to have a very strong Draw in.  This facilitates stretching the elastic core.  As the core slips over the index finger it picks up the fiber and twists enters the yarn as it leaves the hand.  Make sure that the elastic is stretched to its maximum for best results.  The two singles were plied in a standard method making sure each was stretched completely as the ply twists was added.
Uses: As the sample illustrates, slippers crocheted from this yarn will grow with the child and stay on comfortably.  Great for adult sizes too.  This yarn is the solution for saggy ribs on sweaters.  How about simple double weave hats?

Preparation for Spinning: Fiber lengths were pulled from the silk sliver, the angora was plucked and carded on cotton cards( pulled off the carders as small) into batts.

Reason for Choice of this Sample:  The silk produces pearls amid the fluff of the angora when this yarn is complete.  This is the best silk preparation for spinning over an elastic core.  The angora was from one of my favorite bunnies (now gone).  The elastic was strong yet not too thick, the wrapping (on the commercial elastic) allows some grip on the fibers.

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wpe16.jpg (6038 bytes) Note the ribbing on the Polwarth sweater in the Part II examples.  This elastic core technique is used there also.  There are so many uses to this yarn; let your imagination run wild.  A workshop on this technique is available. You may contact me for information.
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