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Sample #40
Design Factor:  Twist


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Sample #40
Fiber:  Wool
Weight of Skein:  60 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Merino Cross Roving
Length: 62 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Double Drive Flyer Wheel, Ratio 19:1 and 12:1|
Direction of Twist:  S
# of Plies: 2--This yarn design utilizes two different twist techniques.   The contrast in the twist creates the majority of the design factor.  I felt multiplies appropriate in this portion of the requirements after viewing past COE recipients' work and finding they used multiplies.
Finishing:  Washed, blocked and steam set with a hand held steamer.
Technique:  A fine single with a very tight Z twist was spun to be used as the wrapping ply.  A medium single with a very light Z twist was spun to be used as the core.  The lightly spun medium was held back on as the fine single was wrapped around it.  In the end the medium core had no twist and the fine wrap kept a good amount of the twist creating the strength and elasticity of the yarn.  This allowed the yarn to be soft and fluffy, yet strong the elastic.   Yarn design using twist is the only way to achieve this effect.
Uses: I intended this yarn to be woven into a bulky sweater fabric.   The soft ripples of this yarn created by the two distinct twists complement the 2 by 2 twill.  An accented ridged, ripple results in the finish weave.

Preparation for Spinning:  The roving was ready for spinning in the purchased state.

Reason for Choice of this Sample:  This lovely roving was commercially prepared and beautifully dyed.  It is open and drafts easily in to a consistent yarn.  Having been carbonized, the wool has lost some of its elasticity.   But, this yarn design makes the most of it.

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The contrast in the high twist of the fine strand and the soft twist of the thick strand create the greatest design element of this yarn.  Even is the yarn was a solid color, the design element would still be evident.
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