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4.5 wpi
Size: Heavy

Sample #38
Design Factor:  Ply


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Sample #38
Fiber:  Human hair/Wool/Nylon
Weight of Skein:  60 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Hair roving, Merino/Nylon roving
Length: 22 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Double Drive Flyer Wheel, Ratio 14:1 and 19:1, Ashford Charkha, Navaho Spindle
Direction of Twist:  Z
# of Plies: 4
Finishing:  Washed and blocked.
Technique:  A fine single was spun from the Merino/nylon roving in a tight Z twist.  A medium single was spun from the hair with a light Z twist.   These were plied on the Charkha, using the hair up to form the loops.  A little extra twist was added before it was wound onto the spindle.  This yarn was then "folded" into a four ply using the Navajo spindle (final twist Z).
Uses:  I designed this yarn to be used for novelty weft to make a jacket, using it every fifth shot.  It could be used for novelty accents in a knitted sweater.

Preparation for Spinning:   The hair roving was pulled into fiber lengths and folded and spun.  The merino/nylon roving was spun from the tips of fiber lengths pulled from the roving.

Reason for Choice of this Sample: The hair roving would form wonderful loops when spun into a medium single with soft twist.  This fiber may not be human hair though all its properties match that of my daughters (burn test, elasticity, diameter, fiber length).  (This fiber was represented to me as human hair when I purchased it.) The merino nylon roving would a produce soft yet durable core.

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