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16.5 wpi
Size:  Medium

Sample #37
Design Factor:  Blending


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Sample #37
Fiber:  Mohair/Silk
Weight of Skein:  62 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Yearling Doe/Bombyx Mori Sliver
Length: 164 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Handcarders, Flyer wheel
Direction of Twist:  Z
# of Plies: 1
Finishing:  The yarn was washed in very warm water and blocked on a yarn blocker.  It was steam set with a hand held steamer then it was brushed with a boar's bristle brush to halo the mohair.
Technique:  After washing and drying the mohair and dyeing the silk, the fibers were carefully carded on wool carders.  Very little silk was used and the colors barely mixed.  From the batts off the handcards (not rolags) I spun worsted for an even smooth yarn.  After washing, blocking and steaming the halo was brushed up with boar's bristle brush.  the mohair fluffed, the silk remained--as desired--at the core of the yarn.
Uses: This soft yarn could be used for weft in a blanket, jacket or woven sweater.  It would crochet in a nice lace pattern for a sweater or could carefully be knitted on large needles into booties, hats or sweaters.  (As a single yarn, I would recommend a knitting pattern that utilizes primarily garter stitch as the foundation.  This will keep the knit from slanting.)

Preparation for Spinning:   The mohair was washed in very hot water with Ivory liquid, dried on a towel out of the sun.  The silk was dyed with natural dyes.  The two fibers were blended on handcarders and made into small batts.

Reason for Choice of this Sample: The mohair was soft, strong and clean, the silk excellent.  I chose to blend the two because the undyed white mohair would fluff and form a white halo around the dyed silk which would remain at the core of the yarn, giving the yarn a very delicate look.

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