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44 wpi
Size:  Fine

Sample #18
Silk--Fine Textured


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Sample #18
Fiber:  Silk
Weight of Skein:  33.5 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Bombyx Mori sliver & Tussah Noil
Length: 613 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Flyer Wheel, Scotch Brake,  Ratio 24:1|
Direction of Twist:  S
# of Plies: 1
Finishing:  The yarn was washed, blocked and steam set with a hand held steamer.
Technique:  From a self prepared finger roving, the fiber was further drawn out and spun short draw with a very tight twist.
Uses:  Carefully used for warp and easily for weft, this thread would have wonderful drape and texture as dress fabric.  Crocheting lace would be pleasurable from this thread, light yet strong.  The twist is light enough for knitted lace if the pattern were just right.

Preparation for Spinning:   The sliver was dyed then blended with the noil on cotton carders.  the fiber was made into small batts and pulled into a thin roving.

Reason for Choice of this Sample:  Noil is the best choice to achieve a textured yarn, but is relatively weak.  Blending the noil with Bombyx Mori adds strength and luster yet allows texture.

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One comment I did get from the judges was that the skeins should be closer in weight to the requirement.  None of mine were less than the requirements but many were over in weight.
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