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26.5 wpi
Size:  Medium

Sample #17
Silk--Medium Smooth


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Sample #X
Fiber:  Acrylic & Rayon
Weight of Skein:  56 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Bombyx Mori Sliver
Length: 352 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Flyer Wheel, Ratio 16:1|
Direction of Twist:  Z
# of Plies: 1
Finishing: Washed and blocked, the twist was not set in a permanent manner. If woven in a tabby, a light crepe effect will result.  No effect from the twist will result if the yarn is crocheted.
Technique:  The sliver was dyed with natural dyes.  A fiber length from each color was pulled from the sliver and set together in the palm of my hand.   These fibers were drawn out with a short draw in a worsted fashion and given a medium twist.
Uses:  To make a distinctive jacket, use this yarn as weft in an undulating twill with fine tabby to hold the weave structure.  A crocheted lace vest would look exceptional out of this silk, wear it over a silk blouse.

Preparation for Spinning:  The sliver was suitable for spinning without further preparation.  Though I did dye with Cochineal, Brazilwood and Logwood before spinning.

Reason for choice of this Sample:  This was the highest quality silk obtainable.  Strong, long white and lustrous with no nips. (What are "nips"?)

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Logwood, Brazilwood and Cochineal were used with an alum mordant to create these colors.
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