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33 wpi
Size:  Fine

Sample #1
Wool--Fine worsted


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Sample #1
Fiber:  Wool
Weight of Skein:  60 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Merino
Length: 549 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Double Drive Flyer Wheel, Ratio 19:1|
Direction of Twist:  Z
# of Plies: 1
Finishing:  The yarn was washed, dyed and steam set in a commercial fabric steamer, under light tension for 8 hours.
Technique:  From the fine worsted roving the end fibers were fanned over the index finger and drawn out under tension keeping all fibers aligned.
Uses:  Ideal for warp and weft, I would like to use this skein for weaving fabric.  It should drape and wear well. The elasticity of this skein also makes it ideal for knitting or crocheting a light weight sweater.  Because of the steam finishing, lace could be knitted and the fabric would not "track".

Preparation for Spinning:  Washed by lock in very hot water with Ivory liquid, dried on towel indoors in sunny window, wool combed on Meck woolcombs (4 rows of tines).

Reason for Choice of this Sample:   This was a superb fleece from New Zealand.  The long staple length and medium merino fineness was conducive to spin a relatively fine thread with good elasticity and minimal abrasive characteristics.

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   All of these first samples must start from the raw fleece.  The fleece was carefully sorted for consistent locks.  The locks were carefully washed by placing them in very hot water with Ivory liquid.  They were soaked with no agitation for about 15 minutes.   The water was drained and moisture pressed out of the locks.  Before they cooled they were placed in very hot clear water to soak for 15 minutes.  Again the water was drained and the moisture pressed out of the locks.  The trick is never to let the water cool.   If the water cools then the lanolin returns to the fiber.  Also, if you wool goes from hot to cold felting becomes a possibility.  The locks were laid out on a towel on the floor to dry (out of direct sun). 
    After the fiber was dry, a fine set of wool combs (4 tines deep) was used to comb the wool and pull out a fine roving.  Take a lesson on wool combing if you are not familiar with these excellent but dangerous tools.

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