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Peach-face Love Birds
Agapornis roseicollis

Green Pied Peach-face Love Bird
Sir Edmond Hilliary. Hatched and hand raised in April of 1986 he is still a wonderful pet.

Shy, the top bird, is an American Cinnamon hen. Her mate is a poor specimen of an Orange-face, but he is a great parent.

bluesplitcinn.jpg (12792 bytes)Banana Creame is a medium blue splitcinnamino.  He is a sibling to the bird right below, Sorbet.
wpe2A.jpg (8575 bytes)This 6 week old cremino hen displays the green iridescence on her rump.  This is seen in good lighting but often hard to capture with a camera.  A cremino is a display of the sex-linked "ino" gene and the recessive "Dutch blue" gene.

wpe5.jpg (8758 bytes)
Sorbet is a medium splitcinnamino/blue.  The creamino hen on the left is his daughter.  Sorbet is a great father and still remains a pet.

Single Factored Violet Whiteface Peach-face cock. Note that the violet only gives this bird a blue hue. Under different lighting the bird's violet is much more evident.

All of these babies are medium as they each contain one dark factor from their father a dark whiteface blue peach-face love bird also known as a slate whiteface. The mother was a single factored violet seagreen. All of the babies are variations of seagreen except for the one on the far right. This bird is a medium single factored violet whiteface blue.

wpe30.jpg (10839 bytes)

Four babies just weaned.  Green/ino, double factor violet seagreen, Dutch blue/ino and creamino.

Prince is a Double Factored Whiteface Violet hen. She was sold to me with the "guess" that she was a he. Any birds that will be placed in a breeding situation are DNA sexed before pairing. She laid eggs before I got around to sending in a blood sample.

Jo is a dark whiteface also called a whiteface slate.

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