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Fischer's Love Birds
Agapornis fischeri


6 week old Fischer's
Green and dilute/ino

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Tang is a blue mutation Fischer's.  She is paired with one of the Dragon Lady's sons who  to blue.  She is a great mother and has produced green, blue, dilute green/ino and dilute blue/ino babies.
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Kimi the Dragon Lady (lutino Fischer's)
Medium Green Fischer's hen. This is the same bird as on the left. Her names was Spangles.   I was hoping that her stripes were genetic.    

Kimi (the Dragon Lady), on the left, is a  lutino Fischer's hen. Kamal, on the right, is a Dilute Green/Ino (yellow split to lutino) Fischer's cock. This description is slightly misleading and I think we might want to call it yellowino or splityellowino like a Peachface love bird with a lutino and an Australian cinnamon gene is called a splitcinnamino.  From the most current information we have, the bird has one ino gene and one yellow gene (ino and yellow being alleles).  We will just have to wait until some naming convention is decided on.

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This picture was taken in the dark--so all the coloring is not correct.  This is Kimi with back lighting.

Bug. Dilute Green (yellow split to ino) Fischer's Love Bird.

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