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7 wpi
Size:  Heavy

Sample #9
Cotton--Heavy single


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Sample #9
Fiber:  Cotton
Weight of Skein:  60 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Natural Green Sliver
Length: 32 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Flyer wheel, ratio 12:1
Direction of Twist:  Z
# of Plies: 1
Finishing:  Because this is a natural green cotton (Sally Fox's Fox Fiber) it must be boiled to set the natural color.   To bring out the blue tones, I boil in a alkaline solution, outdoors, or 45 minutes.  The skein is tied loosely and allowed to float, stirring occasionally, until it sinks.  The yarn is then rinsed very well in clear water and wound on a yarn blocker under tension to smooth out kinks while still wet..
Technique:  The sliver was tripped in half and very little draw was required to make a smooth, even yarn.  Very heavy twist was added to make the yarn as durable as possible.
Uses: Of all the requirements, this one I liked the least.  A heavy single cotton is too weak and abrades too much for most purposes.  The filler weft in REP weave or making placemats in Monk's Belt is about all it is strong enough for.  A soft knitted sweater would have no body and pill away.  If it was used for a soft crochet, the chain would tighten and the mesh would not be strong or look good.  A very tight crochet would structurally work but be too stiff for clothing.  tightly crocheted into household goods would work or couch stitch this yarn onto cloth for adornments.  I would rather spin this weight as a four ply! (I believe this sample is no longer a requirement in the COE)

Preparation for Spinning: The sliver was pulled into strips to facilitate a smoother draw.

Reason for Choice of this Sample:  The cotton is longer stapled than many cottons, well prepared.   It is a weak cotton and spinning a bulky yarn maximizes the strength.

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This sample was one of the first samples I completed; it was also one of the last.  The first try was with white acala cotton and I felt it was too inconsistent.  I had quite an aversion to spinning the sample; I don't find it appealing.

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