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5 wpi
Size:  Heavy

Sample #6
Wool--heavy worsted


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Sample #6
Fiber:  Wool
Weight of Skein:  60 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Karakul
Length: 22 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Double Drive Flyer Wheel, Ratio 4:1|
Direction of Twist:  S
# of Plies: 2
Finishing:  The yarn was washed and blocked then steam set with a hand held steamer.
Technique:  From the even combed roving a worsted was spun evenly by fanning the fiber with the open hand and fingers.  the tension on the wheel provided all that was necessary and a light twist held it together as it entered the flyer.
Uses:  This is a very versatile yarn.  A lovely coat could be knitted on large (size 15) needles.  It is suitable for weft in bound weave rugs and tapestries. It matches my couch and I am making simple pillows woven in tabby with knotted fringe.

Preparation for Spinning:  Washed in very hot water with Ivory liquid.  Dried in a sunny window on towels.  The fleece was woolcombed thus removing all the unsuitable shorter fibers and producing a roving for worsted spinning.

Reason for Choice of this Sample:   The long strong fibers of the dual fleece showed the characteristics necessary for a heavy worsted.  The fleece was very clean and I was charmed by the brown hairs.

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This fiber and sample 5 fiber are from the same fleece.  This sample was prepared first with wool combs.  The loose, short fiber caught in the wool combs was then carded into rolags for sample 5. 

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