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12 wpi
Size:  Heavy

Sample #32
Design Factor: Plying Technique


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Sample #32
Fiber:  Silk/Angora
Weight of Skein:  28 grams

Appl: #1600203
Type: Tussah combed top, Bombyx Mori sliver, plucked French angora
Length: 54 Yards

Spinning Equipment Used: Scotch Brake Flyer Wheel, Ratio 15:1|
Direction of Twist: Final Twist S
# of Plies: 4
Finishing:  The yarn was washed and blocked.
Technique: Singles, each of angora, Tussah and Bombyx Mori were spun in Z twist, a single of S Twisted Bombyx Mori was also Spun.  The angora and Tussah were then plied together in an S Twist, pushing one of the singles up on the other interchangeably.  This two ply was then Z plied with the S twisted Single.  The tree ply was lastly S twisted with the final Z plied Bombyx Mori.  Because of the different diameter singles and the amount of twist on each single and each ply, achieving a balanced yarn was a real challenge.
Uses:  This yarn was designed for novelty accents in a knitted sweater.  It could also be used for woven accents in weft.  Its texture makes it difficult to use as warp.

Preparation for Spinning:  The angora was plucked, sorted by softness and color, and carded into small batts on cotton cards then spun.  fiber lengths were pulled from the silk top and sliver (individually) and spun.

Reason for choice of this sample:  The angora was from my original bunny (now gone), he always produced wool that fluffed and didn't mat. The two silks were of the highest qualities and do not distract from the angora yet add luster and strength.

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The complexity of this yarn is lost when crocheted.  To accent the yarn the most, you would weave with it as warp on a single twill or even just a tabby.
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