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Mt. Whitney Trip 2011
Featuring Mel, Jen, Jackie, Rachel & Gwen

Monday August 22--Acclimating at Bristlecone Pine Forest

View of the Owens Valley and Eastern Sierra from Bristlecone

Jen and Jackie Resting from the Heat at Bristlecone Pine Forrest

Mel at the trailhead of the 4 1/2 mile loop through the
oldest trees in the world.
Tuesday, August 23 at Cottonwood Trail Head
40 years ago this area was covering in beaver bonds. Now there is just a remnant of Cottonwood Creek running through the area. The area is much dryer but there are still plenty of Golden Trout breeding and the fishing is good.
Wednesday, August 24, 2011
The Actual Mt. Whitney Hike

Rachel at Whitney Portal Waterfall

Mel at Whitney Portal Waterall

One mile from the trailhead.
Rachel, Jen, Jackie and Mel

Sunrise near Lone Pine Lake

The Team
Mel, Rachel, Gwen, Jackie and Jenn
Contemplation Lake
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