Straw Into Gold Support Documentation 

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003.gif (864 bytes)  G1 This is a sketch of the pendant I saw in a Smithsonian magazine.  The pendant was made of silver.

002.gif (862 bytes)Sketch of a tsaru musubi knot.  I copied these knots to get ideas.  I do not know the translation of the names. Double coin knots in a ring make up the renzoku awabi musabi knot.002.gif (862 bytes)
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The gold leaf I found to work with was over 30 years old.  This quality is almost impossible to find now.  Though the picture looks tarnished, the leaf is 22 karat gold.

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I attempted to finger spin some of the leaf.  It was so brittle I could only make and inch and waste much of the precious material.

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I attempted to spin the leaf over a sewing thread core.  As you can see, I only was able to make about 8 inches.

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G5 G6 G7 G8 G8
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wpe3C.jpg (12120 bytes) Sample of Line Linen used to create gold thread.
wpe3C.jpg (14001 bytes) Square knot (this one makes a flat cord)

1/2 square knot (this one makes a twisting cord)

Phoenix tail knot

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G10 Tussah 3-ply

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G9 Tussah Singles