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Gwen Powell's Fiber Arts

I am always conducting studies. My interests might be in dyeing, crochet, inkle weaving, felting or any other facet of fiber art. Sometimes it strays much further than that. I have a long term study going right now on spinning very thick heavy yarn or rope for knotted rugs. I would like to thank Barbara Birkeland of Flint Run Farm in Waterford, Ohio for her great support in helping to provide me with the best Churro wool I have come across in 20 years.

There are openings in Gwen's Thursday night Fiber class. This class is very small. It is for all levels fiber artists. Learn not only the technical skills to spin, crochet, felt, weave but also learn about fiber, yarn structure, advanced techniques and design. Contact me at if you are interested. We meet almost every Thursday and stay in contact by email.


One Year's study (2009) was on hats. All the hats were based on the same basic style of a round flat top and a double crochet rib for the sides.

Hat Study

Barnacle Hat of Polwoth, angora and yak down.

Child's hat with earflaps and tie in wool, silk and angora.
Spun by Nancy Boerman of Custom Handweaving
Designed and crocheted by Gwen Powell
Wool, silk blend of Crosspatch Creations fiber with synthetic commercial thread for accent.

Silk, silk ribbon, angora, wool flower top hat.
Stephan's Hat
Handspun merino wool (Louet merino top)
Minyoung's Hat
Peony Hat of handspun angora and cashmere.
Rainbow Hat
Rainbow hat of two strands natually dyed wool/alpaca yarn. The yarn was dyed in a Michelle Whipplinger natural dye workshop in the snow at SOAR in 1992.
Ribbed fingerless mittens
These fingerless mittens are made with the same stitch as the sides of the hat. These mittens are from the same yarn as the Rainbow hat.
Angora Seconds Hat
Handspun of dyed angora seconds, Polworth and Angelina®
Nubby Hat
Handspun wools by Ruth Schooley, designed and crocheted by Gwen Powell
Crosspatch and Angora
Handspun Crosspatch Creations and angora.
Spiral Hat
Handspun wool, designed and crocheted by Gwen Powell


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