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Psittacula krameri manillensis

IRNPic6.jpg (10972 bytes)Rosie was a very light creamino (turquoise and ino) as a baby but now  is brilliant white, cream and yellow.wpe3E.jpg (21118 bytes)

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Dot has a white dot of feathers on his head.

3 1/2 week old blue and grey babies4 big, smart grey and blue Indian Ringneck babies. About 3 1/2 weeks old. wpe40.jpg (19564 bytes)


Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad, Green split to blue and ino cock, 8 years old.

Bluebell and Gandolf
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8 week old albino hen.wpe40.jpg (3533 bytes)



Bluebell and Gandolf


Bluebell (hen) and Gandolf (cock) before he "ringed".

Poppy a lutino hen


Poppy, Lutino hen at 8 months.

Mr. Blue BirdMr. Blue Bird

Young turquoise and lutino pair


Tota, Turquoise cock split to ino at 6 months with Neebu, Lutino hen split to blue.

Topaz after a bath. Topaz after a bath

wpe5C.jpg (13086 bytes)Mr. Toad visits an elementary school. wpeC.jpg (8670 bytes)

Topaz and Poppy

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The greys almost have a lavender cast to them.wpe19.jpg (11124 bytes)